New young art group show at Leilei Gallery, opened on Thursday 22 April (2021) and going through 19 June.

Artists: Georgiana Bădălău, Marilena Brăileanu, Anastasia Calinovici, Diana Matilda Crișan, Lucian Hrisav, Ioana Marșic, Marta Mattioli, Catrinel Meicu, Radu Pandele, Gabriela Tîrziu, Alexandru Zaharia, Teodor Zaica

“This exhibition highlights the results of an educational practice experienced by students I coordinate in the frame of the Bucharest National University of Arts, Department of Painting. A specific exercise in documentation and creation is showcased that emphasizes unconventional, subversive, unexpected, provocative ways of expression. Students are encouraged to enter into critical dialogue with social, cultural, political taboos, while departing from the conventional patterns and rules of artistic expression that can inhibit their creativity.The key categories of this exhibition experiment are thus the unconventional, the originality, the challenge, the innovation, the interrogation – the artistic thinking “out of the box”. By default, it is also a way for young creators to test their own steps of artistic transgression in a gallery exhibition circuit.The challenge attached to the theme of the exhibition is twofold. On the one hand, it is about the assumption of a transgressive artistic discourse by young people. On the other hand, it’s an invitation to transgression made to the public itself, in order to accept uncomfortable challenges and get out of the cognitive comfort usually related in the interpretation of a work of art, letting themselves to be “offended” by the frankness, creativity and often originality of these young artists.”

prof. univ. dr. Petru Lucaci