We’ve opened Leilei Gallery on 17 August 2020 with the Inaudible show, authored by the renowned Romanian artists Mircea Roman and Florentina Voichi, featuring relevant works in their signature styles in both sculpture and painting alike. We’re confident this is the beginning of beautiful things to come. It’s a pleasure inviting you to the exhibition, the show is open for visitors in our space at Aurel Vlaicu 88-89 until the 19th of September and our visiting hours are Tuesday through Friday between 12 – 7 PM, with Saturday between 12-5 PM.

“A strong affinity connects me to the silent matter, to the mute being in the lonesome spaces, insofar that my soul has become painting.
[…] What is to be said is already in the work. It “speaks”, it transmits, it pulsates, as if from a faraway world. All around is silence. I can also compare the work with a beast that absorbs and swallows the matter, makes desert, to enthrone itself with a kind of solemnity. Alone.”

artist’s statement excerpt