DIPTYCH – Clarobscur

We gladly invite you to the first part of Petru Lucaci’s double exhibition DIPTYCH.
The gallery’s doors will be opening for visitors with a new show on the 8th of October, Thursday, with the artist’s Clarobscur series of works.
The exhibition will be open for visitors through 8 October – 8 November 2020, Tuesday through Friday from 12 to 7 PM, Saturday 12 to 4 PM.

“Recuperating and comparing the spectrum of significations of chiaroscuro as a visual experience with what it means for our human consciousness as actors in the social space is at stake in this project. It is a diary where light and darkness, hope and despair, joy but also anxiety zones of our humanity are discernible in white(s) and black(s).
A world without boundary “lines”, a world of contrasts alone… Is it not the world we are living in?
Translated into the everyday space, the chiaroscuro technique, the contrasting suggestion of lights, shade and darkness, takes second place, while its potential of significations is of prime topicality. Chiaroscuro becomes a manner of artistic (re)definition of a world that is uncertain, undecided, always in search of something or somebody, a world of marginals, of those from the periphery, in search of or running away from

– artist’s statement excerpt