Florentina Voichi

(b. 1953, Craiova)

In search of her own identity, aloof of the contemporary experiment and keeping a lucid attraction to what she considers to be tradition, Florentina Voichi is building a well-identified personal universe. In a coherent discourse, the objective of the world she is offering to us is to share, sincerely, subjects of meditation standing behind the thin covering of the event-type reality. The main subjects the artist frequently approaches are portrait, compositional portrait, and landscape, seen not in terms of immediate reality, deliberately structured in the ephemeral of the moment, but as a poetic illumination of some things, eternal in their essence: mother-child relationship, landscape, melancholy, narcissism, scream. A prolific visual artist specialized in painting, she graduated the Bucharest „Nicolae Grigorescu” Plastic Arts Institute „Nicolae Grigorescu” in 1977 . She’s a member of the UAPR since 1991. In 2007 she published the „Cartea Pictorei” volume. Her exhibition activity is impressive both locally and internationally.

BA The Fine Arts Institute Nicolae Grigorescu, Bucharest, Romania, 1977 Member of the Memeber of the Union of Fine Arts, Romania, 1991

Solo Exhibitions
019 – Blood Ties – Museum of Art, Criova, Romania
2017 – The Cruel Hour – Tipography Gallery, Bucharest
2017 – With Mircea Roman, Arcade 24 Gallery, Bistrita, Romania
2015 – Ponderabile, The County Museum of Targu Jiu, Romania
2015 – Mother and Soon, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest
2015 – Cadence and Colour, The Art of Living Gallery, Bucharest
2014 – Transmigrations, The George Apostru International Cultural and Art Center, Bacau, Romania
2012 – Dialog aboutviksion, Cuhnia Gallery, Palatele Brancovensti, Mogosoaia, Cultural Center, Bucharest
1996 – Latino American House, Bucharest
1990 – Galateea Gallery, Bucharest
1988 – Art Gallery, Craiova, Romania 1987 – G.A.M.B. Gallery, Bucharest

Group Exhibitions
2019 – Ellite-Art Galley, Bucharest
2019 – Dada East, Mionesti, Romania
2019 – Enescu Immages, National Library, Bucharest
2018 – Elective Affinities, Carol Gallery, Bucharest
2018 – Sign and Letter, Romania – South Coreea, National Literature Museum, Bucharest
2018 – Centenary National Art Contemporary Salon, Nationa Museum of Art, Bucharest
2018 – Arts in Bucharest, Art Visual Center, Bucharest
2018 – BN Connections, National Laibrary, Bucharest
2017 – Art Safari Fair, Bucharest
2017 – The Scream, Arts Gallery, Bucharest
2017 – The Cabinet of Curiosities, Romana Galley, Bucharest
2017 – P/S, Typography Galley, Bucharest
2016 – FIG 2, National Peasant Museum, Bucharest
2015 – Lepsa, National Art Museum Chisinau, Moldova
2015 – Spring Exhibition, National Peasant Museum, Bucharest
2014 – Seven, Calpe Gallery, Timisoara, Romania
2013 – All Presidents Man, Simeza Galley, Bucharest
2013 – FIG 1, Simeza Galley, Bucharest
2013 – Seven, Art Visual Center, Bucharest
2013 – Winter Saloon, Sutu Palace, Bucharest
2013 – Winter Saloon, Sutu Palace, Bucharest
2013 – Urban Pastel, Timisoara, Romania
2011 – Arts in Bucharest, Art Visual Center, Bucharest
2011 – Metal Salon, Orizont Gallery, Bucharest
2011 – Painting and Sculpture Bienalle, Arad, Romania
2011 – Winter Saloon, Sutu Palace, Bucharest

2007 – She publishes Painter’s Book at Vinea Publishing House, Bucharest